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We are now adding cosmetic laser hair removal services to make Brazilian by Brazilian truly a one stop shop for all your “beautyscaping” needs!


Why Laser?

A lot of our clients know us as sugaring and waxing hair removal experts.

We love our clients and we are glad to see them every month. But we also want to accommodate those of you who get tired of the monthly ritual and attached cost.

We know looking your best doesn’t have to take up that much time or money, which is why we offer the latest, safest and cost-effective laser hair removal in Richmond Hill.

So get rid of razors and tweezers and be bikini ready in minutes!

We will make sure the service  is performed safely and gets the results you want.

If shaving and waxing takes too much of your time, try laser hair removal.

Which is why Brazilian by Brazilian is now offering advanced Laser Technology system to provide our clients with effective and painless hair removal. The system uses light energy for quick and permanent hair reduction.

We tried it and our prediction is – you will love getting Brazilian by Laser.

omnilightWhat Laser Technology do we use for Hair Removal?

We offer SharpLight™ Laser Technology. It is an innovative solution to many cosmetic concerns, particularly permanent hair reduction. By combining the benefits of dynamic pulse control (DPC), the system allows us to treat unwanted hair safely while achieving superior results.

DPC is the technology that significantly improves IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).  As opposed to conventional IPL, using DPC, aesthetic practitioners can choose from 3 pulse configurations – smooth, long or high. This flexibility provides highly selective tissue heating.

The safety and effectiveness of DPC technology have been shown in multiple clinical studies. It has been used successfully and approved by FDA and Health Canada to remove unwanted hair in Canada and the USA.

The SharpLight™ Laser Skin Treatment: Before & After


What Other Procedures Can You Do?

Our device is called Omnimax 3 and it can also be used to rejuvenate the skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, improve textural imperfections as well as reduce unwanted pigmented and vascular lesions.

What Else Should You Know?

DPC technology stands apart from other hair removal systems because the system uses a combination of safe and effective energy sources to remove unwanted hair. Applying Laser Technology to a hair follicle generates heat that causes the hair follicle to coagulate. The process limits the follicles ability to generate new hair.

All our aestheticans are trained to use extra precaution. We apply handpieces with a highly effective cooling tipin a manner that targets only the hair follicle without affecting the skin.

The technology we use for hair removal is perfect for:

  • Hair removal in fewer sessions
  • Different skin types
  • All hair colours and densities
  • Treating any area of the body

Planning for Laser Technology Hair Removal

If you are interested in hair removal in fewer treatments, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Daniela. The system is designed to treat a variety of hair and skin types, but certain skin conditions and medical concerns may mean that you should postpone treatment or consider other options. We will discuss the number of treatments you will need and what to expect from each treatment.

The Procedure

You will be amazed at how easy to tolerate modern hair removal technology can be. The energy from the system works by heating the hair follicles so you may experience a warming sensation during treatment, but with proper calibration and cooling most of our clients do not find it uncomfortable.
We may recommend that you stop shaving, waxing, and other hair removal treatments for a few days before the procedure.


How Much Does it Cost?

We will provide a total estimated cost of your laser hair removal after your consultation.

Payment options include Visa and MasterCard. We consciously avoid unnecessary overhead costs to keep our pricing is very competitive. Please check our site price section for details.

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How Do These Promotions Work?

This is how it works – any 1 prepaid treatment or a package gets 50% off the similarly or less priced 2nd laser treatment. Split the savings or pass them, it is your choice.

Post-Treatment and Follow-Ups

After your hair removal treatment, the area will be completely free of unwanted hair. Some hair may grow back, but it will be much finer and lighter. Follow-up treatments will ensure permanent results.

After each treatment, you can return to your normal activities, but we may recommend that you take certain precautions to allow the area to recover from the procedure. We will provide detailed post-treatment instructions before you leave.

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